The newest 《2012-2013 China Yacht Industry Report》 is on sale

2012-2013 China Yacht Industry Report is the fourth annual report on the developments on yacht industry in China, published by the China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association (CCYIA) and the National Conducting Committee of Yacht Experts.


2012-2013 China Yacht Industry Report provides the most authoritative official data of the national yacht import and export in 2011 and 2012, with the great help and support from China General Administration of Customs; analyses China's 14 coastal cities comprehensively, and makes a Top-Scores on their competitiveness in yacht industry; investigates the number and status of the yacht clubs in China, giving some feasible suggestion; adds the luxury yacht development of world's major countries for the first time.


Zheng Weihang, the Executive Vice President and Secretary General of CCYIA, proposed in this report that: Fishing Boat and Sailing Boat, can foster yacht consumer market and attract more people participating in marine leisure, which would become the Preferred and Suitable Choice for the China’s yacht industry in the early stages, will make a rapid expansion in the next five years.


2012-2013 China Yacht Industry Report is official released on 2013 China Yacht Economic Forum held in Haikou in May. This report is on sale now, welcome order enthusiastically. Please notice that the Chinese version report is available but not the English version. Please contact China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association if you are interested in this report and other information of yacht in China.



China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association, Research Department

Dong Wei


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